Sound Form Translation in real time

This experiment makes this interaction in the sense : Grasshopper >> Rhino + Pd , ie Grasshopper parametric change simultaneously to affect the geometry of a figure or object ( Rhino ) , and at the same time introduce dynamic changes of control parameters sound synthesis (Pd ) * .
There are other methods in which the actions of transposition between sound and shape, can be processed in real time. These are still highly experimental in terms of concrete results. However, technical experiments solving this challenge are very suggestive . In this sense the procedure is part of the virtual environment to interconnect different software which in principle have no relationship (especially among 3DCAD generators and sound synthesis tools ) .
Rhino ( 3DCAD ) , Grasshopper ( Rhino plugin parameterization ) , and Pd ( pure- data) ( visual language multimedia audio / visual synthesis).
In the pictures below the experimental procedure between virtual applications is described .


Theabove procedure starts with the software Grasshopper as parametric engine of sound synthesis and 3Dvirtual modeling.If we reverse the sequence, in order to enter the sound synthesis parameters for parametric deformation in the 3D model, it would be necessary to implement a protocol for sending data from PD (OSC /Open Sound Control). In the next experiment, the interconnection between the PD, Grasshopper and Rhino software is made,(in that order), so that the parameters that affect the sound, the intercommunicate via Grasshopper Rhino 3d modeler.
The example starts with 3 sound frequency changes affecting XYZ dimensions of a simple model(cube).




Experiment by Bea Goller
Text licensed with a CC license > by-nc-sa 2014
All images by Congoritme CC license > by-nc-sa 2014



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