Sonification experiment of the building m@pmalgrat.etc


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Spatial Perception through sound

This sonification experiment is based on the distance measurement when the building is spinning constantly. Like a LP, the building turns around on a player disc and produces a sound. Here the DJ deck acts like when we go around the building’s exterior. Instead of a needle capturing a sound in the grooves of the LP, there is a sensor that detects the position of the building and sends the signal to an Arduino. The sensor converts the analog signal into digital and sends it to a small computer (RaspberryPi). This has previously installed the program Pure Data which finally produces this sonification.

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For this experiment the design of a civic center building in Malgrat by congoritme arquitectes has been chosen due to the generation process and the resulting form.
Project Description:
We understand the site as a representation of the Malgrat map and its territorial traces. The outline of the building represents the main roads and the rest of the site interprets the coastal mountains and the sea area. These territorial boundaries are scaled to match the required size of the socio-cultural equipment. To Insert cartographic features of the site at another scale high lightens the own identity. This mechanism of mapping allows us to understand the building and its surroundings as a topographical landscape, as a new image of the town’s inhabitants, expressed through different geological layers. This stratification interrelates different levels spatial and visually. The mapping traces generate a yard. Ramp volumes create continuous spaces. This creates a continuous circulation from the exhibition level to the auditorium and cafeteria. From there you can reach the terrace level and penetrate the building again at the multipurpose room level. However, you can also go the other way.The three parts of the building form a continuous Möebius tape, forming a loop outside-inside-outside.


Firstly, there has been an impression 3D of the rendered model. This architectural sculpture has been placed on a Stanton turntable. Sonifying this project is another way to understand it, because architecture is shown with sound. The Möebius form connotes fluidity and connects well with the concept of electronic music loop. Like the use of a turntable plate is already referring to the world of sound.


experimento 1

Installation of the System
First, you have to install the RaspberryPi and format it, then install the SD card, connect a monitor, install the PD RaspberryPi and install Arduino IDE.
RaspberryPi 1 was chosen for this experiment because it is a small computer and an Arduino (intermediary) that converts the analog signal into digital sensor.