Cymatic Experiment


Progression of patterns generated upon a DIY cymatic device. Ascending frequencies generates complexe patterns. Sound are pure frecuencies generated with an oscillator build with a Pd patch. This experiment belongs to the thesis ‘Sonic Spaces’ by Bea Goller.
With a homemade cymatic device several experimentations have been made to find frequencies that form different geometrical shapes and patterns. The result proves that sound can also be implicated in the form generation. The experiment features the resonant properties depending on the materials and its shapes.

0h_002 297hz 517hz 674hz 912hz1 1095hz 1199hz 1542hz 1915hz 2143hz 2405hz 2944hz 4233hz 7129hz 7737hz 8327hz 8733hz 8978hz 9851hz



custom design of the device
courtesy by Xavi M.Daax


Experiment by Bea Goller
Text licensed with a CC license > by-nc-sa 2014
All images by Congoritme CC license > by-nc-sa 2014





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