Concept_IndeterminacyDataTranslations_ANG_150dpi ____DataTranslations

The experiment ‘Data Translations ‘ (DT) is a formal analysis of a text. Specifically, it is the abstract of the book Architecture of the Indeterminacy by Yago Conde This analysis refers to the text structure through its characters. The DT experiment exposes the versatility of data translation processes in the digital domain. In these translations different digital entities (like a text file, an image, a sound or a 3Dform) are linked together. The text is literally translated into a series of numeric values, character by character. This number sequence allows data visualization and sonification, through some digital tool conversion. The sonification’s result is transformed into a 3Dmodel.


animate_v002____Cymatic Experiment
Progression of patterns generated upon a DIY cymatic device. Ascending frequencies generates complexe patterns. Sound are pure frecuencies generated with an oscillator build with a Pd patch. This experiment belongs to the thesis ‘Sonic Spaces’ by Bea Goller.

____Sound Morphisms
This experiment shows how the dynamic, form, rythms, or other events of a sound sample renders different patterns and forms in a minimal shape (a grid or Surface).


SoundFormRTXs____Sound Form Translation in real time
This experiment makes a interaction in the sense : Grasshopper >> Rhino + Pd
Grasshopper parametric changes simultaneously affects the geometry of a figure or object ( Rhino ) , and introduces dynamic changes sound synthesis control parameters (in visual programming language Pd ).



Cordes experiment attempts to find a harmonious relationship from sound frequencies and transfer it into a three-dimensional space model

SonifTesis____Sonic Space Thesis Sonification

Sonification of the structure of the Phd ‘Sonic Spaces’ by Bea Goller.
Application with Pd visual programming environment.



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